Tymber SIREN Bamboo Sunglasses with Polarized One-Piece Lens

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Our SIREN shades weave a tale everyone should hear. Transform into a head turning SIREN, with these one of a kind sunglasses. Our unique seamless one piece lens construction is guaranteed to make you stand out in any beach, on any boat, or any given sunny day. Let the SIREN song pull others in, as these shades set the mood and tone of any afternoon out on the waves. All our Tymber Shades are designed to float in water, so don’t worry about losing your sexy SIRENS on the open sea. With so many colored lenses to choose from, the perfect picture can be customized for your personal aesthetic and beauty. All our frames, both lighter Original Bamboo and darker Brown Bamboo, are made from sustainable natural wood so we can help preserve our planet for future generations. Become a SIREN; get your Tymber Shades today.

  • Made from 100% All Natural Bamboo
  • Unique Seamless One Piece Lens
  • The Cutting Edge of Fashion
  • Star Struck Style: dazzle your friends and frenemies with these sexy shades
  • Spring Hinges designed to fit any size / shape face
  • 100% Polarized Sunglass Lens--UV400 to be exact
  • All our lenses are Saltwater and Scratch Resistant
  • Our wooden frames are lightweight and incredibly comfortable
  • Floating Frames! Never lose your shades in the water again!
  • 1 Year, You Break Them, We Replace Them Warranty
  • A Sustainable Shade for the Future of our Planet
  • Comes with a bamboo tube case, a protective bag, and microfiber cleaning cloth

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