Tymber HYDRA Bamboo Sunglasses with Polarized One-Piece Lens

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Our HYDRA represents the many headed beast mode addition to our sunglass line up. Why? Because all the different lenses and colors to choose from combined with our unique seamless one-piece lens design, this Tymber Shade is beyond reproach and will make you stand out among the many heads in any crowd. Available in our lighter Original Bamboo or darker Brown Bamboo frames, with a plethora of lens colors to peruse, you just might have too many options to even choose. Let us make a suggestion: take a look at the Ice Blue Seamless Lens with our lighter Original Bamboo frames. Crisp and cool, for any occasion. Our HYDRA shades are best as they are built to last and made to float in water, so you won’t lose your hot new frames while you’re out hitting the waves. Order your HYDRA sunglasses today and help us promote a brighter future for our world as we utilize sustainable bamboo for all of our shade frames.

  • Made from 100% All Natural Bamboo
  • Unique Seamless One Piece Lens
  • The Cutting Edge of Fashion
  • Star Struck Style: your friends are gonna wanna to swipe these shades
  • Spring Hinges designed to fit any size / shape face
  • 100% Polarized Sunglass Lens--UV400 to be exact
  • All our lenses are Saltwater and Scratch Resistant
  • Our frames are lightweight and incredibly comfortable
  • Floating Frames! Never lose your shades in the water again!
  • 1 Year, You Break Them, We Replace Them Warranty
  • A Sustainable Shade for the Future of our Planet
  • Comes with a bamboo tube case, a protective bag, and microfiber cleaning cloth

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