1 Year, You Break Them, We Replace Them Warranty

No legalise here. Our warranty is best, simple and honest.

Within one year of purchase, if something happens to your Tymber Shades, we’ll replace them for free. You cover shipping and handling (typically an $8.99 fee) and provide a picture and a sweet story of how you broke your shades, and we’ll ship you out a free replacement pair of Tymber Shades.

We stand behind our products, and we make our wood frame shades to last. So if something gnarly happens to them, we want to know.

First off, we’re always striving to make our sunglasses better, so if you find an unlikely issue, we want to know.

Secondly, we love sweet stories about sunny day shade accidents. For seriously, though. We’d love a photo and a quick rundown on what happened. We like to know our customers, and we feel like sharing a fun story about crushing your sunglasses helps us get there.

This one happened to me just the other day.

I let my two year old play with my Tymber Shades. And guess what? He ended up throwing them out the window of a moving car going about 30 miles per hour. Even though our lenses are scratch resistant, needless to say, I needed a new pair. But boy was it cute watching him rock those sick Tymber Shades.

So seriously, if something happens to your Tymber Shades, send us a story, and a pic if you can. You cover the shipping and handling, give us the address, and we’ll ship you out a new pair free of charge because we want you to keep on rocking our sustainable bamboo Tymber Shades for life.

Whether for a sustainable ecosystem and to prevent climate change or just a great day on the beach and catching some sick waves, we hope wherever you wear your Tymber Shades, a brighter future follows in your wake.